Mega Wow!

Psalm 8:3
When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place

Mega Wow!
I am overly excited today as I am still on a MEGA spiritual high after attending the Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) Conference at MegaFest in Dallas, Texas this past weekend. I decided to attend the conference at the last minute and purchased my ticket a few days before the event sold out. I only had about a week and a half leading up to the conference and during this time frame I did not know what to expect. I packed my suitcase and my carry-on bag of issues, hurts, cares, concerns, and prayers and traveled by faith to see what the hype was about.

After the first night I completely understood why God sent me to Dallas, Texas to hear a mega word from Him. Bishop T.D. Jakes opened the conference and reminded us to “LIVE!” There are seasons in life where God has transitioned us from one place to another, but we can’t fully reap the benefits of where we are at because we are too busy holding on to where we came from. The next day Pastor Sheryl Brady reminded us to ”Get Our Fight Back!” There are times when life gets tough, God is quiet, and we are in waiting mode, but we have to fight with our faith and our praise until we get to where God desires us to be. Pastor Jasmine Scurlark informed me that I was pregnant and I didn’t even know it! My synopsis for her….buy the DVD! Our pain has a purpose. We often don’t know why we have to suffer sometimes but it’s our pain that births our purpose. By the time Dr. Jazz finished preaching there was not a dry eye in the American Airlines arena which was filled to capacity. By the time 9,000+ women finished praising God at one time I had to check the Dallas news reports to see if the roof was still on the American Airlines arena. It was just that powerful. Lastly, Dr. I.V. Hillard closed us out by reminding us to choose life! For every death option God has provided us with a life option. When we are faced with unwelcomed and unpleasant circumstances we have to remember to stand on the promises of God. For everything that we go through God has a promise for us to stand on!

My brief statements do not come close to describing the magnitude and the power I experienced during these four sermons. I repeat buy the DVDs! I went to Dallas with my own matters of the heart, my own hurts, and my own discouragements and wondering “when Lord, when”, but I left full of peace, joy, and hope! This truly was a mega experience like I have never experienced before. When I read Psalms 8:3 it almost describes my amazement with this event. “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place.” God created the universe. The universe I studied in grade school goes on for infinity. No scientist will ever capture every star or planet for our human eye to see. God placed every star, the sun, the moon, and the planets all in proper alignment. He placed the sun far enough where we won’t burn up, and close enough where we won’t freeze. And just like I can’t fathom how God could do all of that I can’t wrap my mind around how God took this one mega event, aligned all the preachers and the attendees and we all walked away with a tailor made word for us. I don’t know how God does it, but I can testify that each sermon made me feel like I was the only woman in the arena and each speaker personally new the matters of my heart. I don’t know how God does it where he places each speaker on one accord and each sermon sounded like it was the sequel to the next. I was so blown away by T.D. Jakes sermon that I promise it was the sequel to a sermon I heard at a woman’s event at my church earlier this year. I walked away thinking of all the women who walked away with their peace, hope and joy back. They walked away encouraged to hold on to their dreams. There were other woman who were set free from bondage. Other women who were healed in some capacity. The God we serve knew what each woman needed as she journeyed to Dallas, TX and He met those needs. I wasn’t at ManPower (the men’s conference) but from what I heard it was a similar encounter. This truly was a phenomenal experience and “Mega” probably can’t even describe how big it was.

I will never understand how God does what he does, but all I know is that He is sovereign. He is an amazing, powerful, all sufficient, all knowing, specializing in impossible situations God. As I journeyed back home I started thinking about how God orchestrated the events of MegaFest. I started pondering on my friends who have been in situations that only God could turn around. I mean dead, impossible, might as well give up situations….BUT God had the last say. My hope came that if God can do all of this for Mega Fest and if He can do all of this for my friends, then surely God can do it for me and He certainly CAN DO IT FOR YOU! Be blessed and be encouraged.

Heavenly Father when I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place my mind can’t grasp your power or sufficiency. We come to you thanking you today that you see all, you know all, and that you have a life giving outcome in all of our situations. We thank you for being the sovereign God that you are. Today we cast our burdens and our situations to you knowing no matter how long it takes and how quiet you may seem that you are working it all out according to your perfect will for our lives. We thank you for all that you are doing as we put our hope and trust in you. Lord, we also come with sadden hearts as we lift up all those effected by the stabbing incident at Spring High School in Houston, Texas on today. May you comfort and give peace to all those who mourn and all those who are shaken up by senseless violence. May your hedge of protection continue to surround each school that we send our children, educators, and administrators to and may you place a hedge of protection around them in their going and in their coming. In Jesus Name. Amen.
~Written by Felicia McKnight~


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