The Post-It Note Ministry

Target_Post It Note
Mark 16:15 NIV
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

The Post-It Note Ministry
About a year ago I completed a 26 week discipleship class at my church called “Master Life”. The purpose of the class is to equip individuals to become better witnesses for Christ and to equip us to literally master life through the word of God. When we first started the class the primary focus was on witnessing to others. The author of the book gave his personal accounts of witnessing to individuals in various public settings. I was a bit nervous about witnessing because I personally didn’t feel comfortable walking straight up to a stranger in a gas station or grocery store parking lot to talk about Christ. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE talking about Jesus, but I was just not bold enough to do it the way the author discussed. My facilitators and class mates helped me to realize that there are multiple ways to witness other than just walking up to a random stranger. One class mate helped me to realize that I was already witnessing simply because I would post scriptures daily on my Facebook page. As we continued our dialogue we discussed so many ways we share Christ on a daily basis and don’t realize we are evangelizing. If you found yourself like I was and wanting to share Christ but not quite sure how, then I’d like to invite you over to an information session for “The Post-It Note Ministry”.

Ahhhhh…..the Post-It Note!!!! It comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. If you were to visit my office it’s highly possible you would see my desk covered in them. I consider the Post-it note my non-salaried personal assistant because it does so many things for me. The Post-It note takes messages for me. The Post-It note gives me reminders. The Post-It note maintains my shopping list. Sometimes the Post-It Note is my safe place in a meeting to express my artistic abilities….or lack thereof. Yes, the Post-It note is multi-purpose! As I was standing in line at Target this past weekend I discovered another characteristic of the Post-It note….it evangelizes! I looked over to see a Post-It Note on fire for Jesus that reminded me that “God is with me” and on this day the Post-It note was working on behalf of the end counter!

God has called all of us who are saved to go out and tell the world the good news! If you are shy and not comfortable then, no, you do not have to randomly walk up to people to witness. You can start in your home or your work place with those that you are surrounded by every day. When I had a Facebook page I would post scriptures and devotionals. When you forward devotional e-mails you are sharing the good news. When you share your testimony of how you made it through a particular situation you are sharing the good news. I have seen so many things done. I have seen people leave their Bible on their desk or have scriptures posted in their office which sparked someone to ask “what does that mean?” I have seen tracks left at the grocery store and on my vehicle. I have been handed items in my hand when I was out and about somewhere, and now what I think is awesome is I was witnessed to by the Post-It note at Target!

There is a dying, hurting world out there that needs to hear the good news about our Lord and Savior. Do what you feel comfortable doing and share the good news today with another soul. No matter what method you choose, as the Post-It note reminded me “God is with you” when you share His word! Be blessed and be encouraged.

I am interested in hearing some of the creative yet effective ways you have witnessed to others, been witnessed to, or just observed as you were out and about. Please share your experience by leaving a comment. If you received Feevotionals via e-mail you can reply to the e-mail to leave a comment or you can click on the URL at the bottom of the page to go directly to the Feevotional to leave a comment on the website. Thank you!

Heavenly Father, thank you for your command to go out and tell the world about the gospel. For those of us that are shy or don’t know how give us a creative idea to tell another soul about you. Give us the strength and courage to talk to others about who you are to us and who you can be to them. Help us to remember when we first received you as our Lord and Savior and to remember that someone also witnessed to us to get us to where we are today. In Jesus Name. Amen.
~Written by Felicia McKnight~


2 thoughts on “The Post-It Note Ministry

  1. Hi, Felicia! One of my favorite witnessing experiences was in college when a few of us in the campus ministry would gather at one end of a brick tunnel on a popular walkway on campus on Friday evenings to sing songs of praise and distribute tracks to those who came through the tunnel.   Thanks for the post.   Peace & blessings, HB


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