“Hope” for a Cure

In loving memory of my Aunt, Catherine “Sylvia” Williams, a breast cancer survivor, a cancer fighter, and a heavenly conqueror that I’m sure I’ll see again in heaven one day.

Luke 8:43 NLT
A woman in the crowd had suffered for twelve years with constant bleeding, and she could find no cure.

“Hope” for a Cure
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is an awareness that is difficult not to notice because everything everywhere turns the color pink in October. This month is set aside to make people aware of the disease, to remind people to get their check-ups, to fund raise for a cure and a cause, to remember those we’ve lost to the disease, to celebrate those that survived, and to offer hope to those currently diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer is an equal opportunity disease. It does not discriminate against color, race, religion, or gender. Breast Cancer Awareness month is also a month that symbolizes hope as we see the various fundraising and awareness activities take place across the country.

Today we look at the life of a lady by the name of A Woman with the Issue of Blood. Since I am the author of this devotion I’d like to exercise my rights to nickname her “Hope”. “Hope” was diagnosed with bleeding or in modern day medical terms she was hemorrhaging. In her days she was considered socially unclean therefore this diagnosis created a hard ship for her and her family if she had any. If I can use my sanctified imagination she probably used up all of her money going from one doctor to the next paying one co-pay and deductible after another, a second and third and fourth opion to be told “I’m sorry mam, we have no cure.”

Fortunately for “Hope” she didn’t settle with this diagnosis. She knew something many of us don’t realize. She knew hope meant there is an expected end and she sought after that end with her faith. “Hope” was probably watching one of the Christian stations one day and seen the commercials that a Master Healer by the name of Jesus was coming through town healing the sick and demon-possessed and raising the dead. “Hope” knew that what was impossible for man was possible with God (Luke 18:27), so she had hope for a cure to her diagnosis. “Hope” set out to be amongst the crowds. She pressed her way through the crowds. She knew she didn’t need hands laid on her, she didn’t need special water, she didn’t have to order a special healing cloth and she didn’t have to stand in the $1,000 line to receive what she has waited to receive for twelve years. “Hope” knew that if she could just connect with the source of healing, Jesus, by faith there was a great possibility she too could be healed.

“Hope” received just what she hoped and prayed for so long, an instant healing after twelve years of being told “there is no cure”(Luke 8:47). When she touched the hem of Jesus garment there was a power exchanged so powerful that it knocked her down trembling. As a result of that exchange she was healed by faith. “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” (Luke 8:48)

When someone receives a serious or terminal health diagnosis I’m sure there are so many questions that go through their mind: Why me? What Next? How do I get through this? How long will I have to suffer? What will this do to my family? Will I live or will I die? What do you do when you have a diagnosis and no cure? The answer is you continue to hope. “Hope’s” outcome is what many of us pray and hope for, but it will not be everyone’s outcome. Sometimes healing comes on the other side of heaven with the gift of eternal life. (John 3:16) I have had the experience of watching three of my terminally ill family members take their last breath and transition away from this earth. Like many of you I hoped and prayed that my Grandmother, Aunt Sylvia, and Aunt Glenda would be physically healed on this side of heaven. Through each experience I learned about another hope that God has given us through his promise of eternal life. I learned that although they may not be healed for our natural eyes to see, that God has a promise of hope that with eternal life there is a place for eternity where there is no more sickness and no more pain. “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more, neither shall there be anguish (sorrow and mourning) nor grief nor pain any more, for the old conditions and the former order of things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:4 Amplified)

The best hope we can offer any person with a disease is the promises of God and to ensure that they have received Christ as their Lord and savior. No one can answer why one person is healed sooner than the other. No one can answer why they were picked to bare the disease. No one can answer why one person is healed and the other had to die. These are only answers God has. However the answers He has given us are in His word, the Bible. God has given us hope for peace, comfort, strength, grace, and mercy through the journey of sickness along with so many others.

Today I am not encouraging anyone to give up hope for healing in the natural. Continue to think as “Hope” thought. I believe “Hope” was going to keep hoping for a cure until it was time for her to leave this earth. She had great faith. Keep praying and believing in God’s power for you or your loved ones. Stand on God’s word regarding healing. Today I just want to encourage you that when you hope for a cure that healing can take place in the earthly realm as well as the heavenly realm. If your loved one does not receive healing on earth do not be discouraged that God didn’t fulfill a promise. Be encouraged that by faith they are walking around heaven and the promises of Revelation 21:4 are fulfilled through salvation with the promise of eternal life. Be blessed and encouraged on today!

Heavenly father we thank you today for your healing powers. Thank you that you have the power to heal in the natural realm and you have the power to heal in the heavenly realm. Today we pray for all those who are terminally ill as well as their family, friends, and loved ones. Only you know what the outcome will be. No words can ever take away the hurt one feels when they are diagnosed with a disease or when their loved one passes away, so we entrust these individuals to you to give them the peace, comfort, and strength as only you know how. Lord as we go through this month of October, breast cancer awareness month, we do so with hope that there will be a cure for this disease. Lord, we recognize that there are so many other cancers that need a cure, AIDS needs a cure, and other diseases that are too many to name. We pray for the researchers that are working diligently to find cures to these various diseases and pray that you would give them the wisdom and knowledge that leads to a cure. Ultimately in all situations we pray your perfect will to be done. In Jesus name. Amen.

~Written by Felicia McKnight~

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4 thoughts on ““Hope” for a Cure

  1. Thank you Felicia for this word. It is powerful, helpful and encouraging. Continue to be blessed and continue to share God’s Word. In Christ Jesus, Sister Jeannette

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