I Am SECURE in Who I Am


I Am SECURE in Who I Am
Written by Felicia McKnight

I recently attended a women’s conference and the theme of the conference was “I AM”. I was reminded at this conference that our words have power and when we speak whatever follows “I AM” is who we will become. As I sat and listened to one of the ministers speak one of the statements she made sat with me and I pondered on it for quite some time as I reflected on who I AM.

“A Woman who is secure in who she is will shout over another woman’s blessing.” ~Dr. Jazmine Sculark

I love this quote! It is so important for us to be secure in who we are when we face various trials and attacks by the enemy. I thought about last year when a new colleague that I was training had some negative words to say about my training style and came at me in an unprofessional manner. Because I am secure in who I am as a professional I knew that nothing was wrong with my training style. Matter of fact I have always received compliments. I thought about earlier this year when a Christian woman attacked my character and the Feevotionals that I put out every week. Because I am secure in who I am I knew that everything she tried to say was simply the opposite of the truth and I didn’t even bother to entertain or have that debate with her. Everything she said I was confident that these Feevotionals and my character has been a blessing to so many. I have so many e-mails and text messages to prove that opinion wrong. I thought about how I was attacked last week by an executive. They made the mistake but they tried to downgrade my work style. Fortunately I knew I had all of my documentation to back up what happened so I was secure that their verbal attack by no means accurately described my work ethics and style. I bring up these examples because, when you are secure in who you are and you know who you are then what others have to say should be the least of your concerns. A good friend helped me with this by saying that “whatever negative things others say, then the opposite must be true.” In these examples I can rejoice over who I am and who God has made me to be.

I can specifically speak for women today because I see and hear about so much of it, but why must we tear one another down? Some of my greatest challenges in my career I can pin point back to another woman trying to tear me down and stop me from my destiny. Looking back they were all footstools to where I am at today. As I continue to live this life I have observed that typically the ones that are doing the hating, the tearing down, and the displays of jealousy are the ones who are not secure in who they are. This goes for women and men. When you are secure in who you are then you can celebrate another individual’s accomplishments and journey. When you are secure you don’t have to hate on another individual’s appearance because according to God you are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) You don’t have to hate on another individual’s favor because you would know that you are favored by God too. (Psalm 90:17) You don’t have to hate on another individual’s grace because you would know that God’s grace is sufficient for you too. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

There is no need to be jealous or intimidated by another person’s accomplishments, their ministry, their marriage, their business, or their life period. God has given each of us a measure of grace and anointing for what He wants to accomplish in all of our lives. Chances are that person had to go through some type of hell to get to their destiny. Every great person had a struggle and a journey. If you knew what they went through some probably would have more of a compassionate heart rather than a hateful heart.

God made us all unique and with a specific assignment. He designed us all with our own journey. Let’s celebrate who we are and celebrate each other’s differences. Let’s be secure in knowing that whatever God has given each of us is designed to have a major impact in the community and in the kingdom of God. Rather than tearing people down with words celebrate and encourage. When you are able to appreciate what someone does send them an encouraging word by text, e-mail, or the old fashioned way a handwritten note. I can say as a recipient it is such a blessing. I appreciate the e-mails, the text messages, and verbal comments regarding what I post each week. They keep me going when I want to give up. God desires us to be encouragers of one another. “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

When you are secure in who you are it becomes so much easier to celebrate someone else. Your life may not be where you want it. You may be in the middle of a struggle now trying to get to the dream someone has, but now is not the time to throw out negativity. More than anything you want to throw out positive words. Remember what you put out just may come back to you. Rather than tearing someone down seek them for advice on how they made it to where they are. When someone asks for advice we have to be secure enough to give it. For those who have accomplished your dreams and goals you didn’t get there by yourself. A secure person will also help another person to their dreams and destiny and not try to keep it all to themselves.

God has been speaking to me so much lately about how much he wants us to know he loves us and how much he wants us to display love to one another. I encourage everyone today to remember who you are in Christ. If you don’t know open up your bible and start reading to find out. When you are secure in who you are and you know the word for yourself you can stand on the word and know that the attacks of others does not line up with what God’s word says. Instead of hating let’s celebrate the goodness of God in one another’s lives. Create your affirmation today so that you can become who God desires you to be. Begin saying to yourself “I am secure in who I am!” Be blessed and encouraged!

Heavenly Father may every reader of this word be a doer of your word. May we all remember the grace you gave us that while we were yet still sinners you loved us enough that you chose us and you redeemed us in spite of. Help us to display that same type of love towards others. Rather than tearing people down give us the words to build them up. When we don’t have the right words give us the wisdom to not say anything at all. For those who are struggling through their journey send a mentor their way to help build them up and encourage them to their destiny. Guide us to your word that we may all know who we are in Christ and that we are all in a place of being secure in who you uniquely designed us to be. Guide all of our steps to walk in love and to remember love is an action and not just a word. In Jesus Name. Amen


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