Written by Felicia McKnight

Exodus 1:22 NIV
“But you may let the girls live.”

Mother’s Day, a day set aside to honor mothers and the blessing of Motherhood. I had the opportunity to spend the day with my mother and my daughter. Next to salvation motherhood is one of the greatest gifts God could have given me. There is nothing like loving a child unconditionally. Motherhood is also my sensitive spot. I can’t imagine anything or anyone harming my daughter. Most of us can agree that When something happens to our children it cuts the heart and the soul.

Today I’m blessed to have my daughter sitting just a few feet away from me as I write however there are 276 mothers not so fortunate. My heart aches for the 276 mothers who did not have a pleasant Mother’s Day. My heart aches for the 276 Mothers who are helpless and don’t know where their daughters are at. Today Feevotionals partners with the world by bringing awareness to this situation. Today we fight for these young ladies by pulling out the weapons of warfare, PRAYER. James 5:16 reminds us that “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

We can talk and debate all day about where these young ladies are and how there seems to be more resources looking for the missing Malaysian flight then there are looking for these young ladies. Let’s stop the chatter and PRAY! Be reminded today that we serve a sovereign God who sits up high and looks down low. He knows where these young ladies are and by the power of prayer and touching and agreeing let’s believe by faith for the safe return of these 276 Nigerian girls.

Let us pray….
Heavenly Father we magnify your name on today. Lord we worship you on today. We adore you on today. We praise you on today. We thank you for being a sovereign God. We thank you for being the Most High God. We thank you that you are a God that sits up high and lifted up. We thank you that you see all and we thank you that you know all. By faith today we believe that you know where all 276 Nigerian girls are located. You know them by name. You know everything about them. We lift these young ladies up to you on today. We pray for your hedge of protection to cover them and to keep them safe. We pray that you would impart on the girls heart to call on the name of Jesus, because at the name of Jesus demons tremble and they have to release these girls. We bind the attack of the enemy on their lives and declare over these girls that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. We pray that you be these girls almighty fortress and their refuge. Lord we pray that you would command your angels over these girls to guard them and keep them and protect them. We stand on Exodus 1:22 that these girls will live. We declare over their lives that with long life they shall live. Lord we pray like Paul and Silas. When they prayed the jail house shook, prison doors were open, and chains were broken. Today we pray the prayer of agreement that the enemy that has these girls bound will lose them on today. As we touch and agree on today by faith we pray for a safe release and return of these young ladies to their families. Pharaoh wanted to kill all of the boys in Egypt but you spared Moses’s life. King Harod wanted to kill all of the boys in Bethlehem, and you spared the life of Jesus. By faith we are standing in agreement that you would spare the lives of these 276 girls. Let them come out untouched and unharmed. We lift up their family and loved ones and pray that you would surround them with strength, peace, and comfort as we wait on your divine timing to bring back their daughters alive and safe. We know that nothing is too hard for you Lord. Nothing is too impossible. Nothing is too difficult for you. We are reminded today that the enemy was defeated at the cross. The enemy has no power or authority over these young ladies life. We pray your peace over their minds right now. We pray that these young ladies will keep their minds stayed on you. According to your word you said that if they keep their minds stayed on you that you would keep them in perfect peace. Now to you who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or imagine we believe for a praise report to come soon. In Jesus name. Amen


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