Woman of Grace

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This month I am honored to be the blog contributor during the Month of May for The Church Without Walls Mosaic Women’s Ministry.

Woman of Grace
Written by Felicia McKnight

When I read the story of Hagar in Genesis 16 I was reminded that as mothers and women in general God has given us so much grace to survive every challenge we will face. Hagar started off as a maidservant. After completing that “other job duty as assigned” she found herself a mother unexpectedly. After Hagar became pregnant with Abram’s first born son, her boss, Sarai, began to despise Hagar. The unwelcomed pregnancy and hostile work environment became overwhelming for Hagar and caused her to run away from home. She ran to the dessert where God appeared to her. God informed Hagar to go back to her hostile work environment, give birth to her son, Ishmael, and because of her obedience she too would reap the promises of increased descendants.

I can relate to Hagar in so many ways. I have been a single mother for fourteen years now. This journey has been an overwhelming one trying to single handedly juggle bills (juggle meaning which ones will I pay with this check), having to deal with maintaining a home, a vehicle, unexpected trials, health issues, job issues, relationship issues, and family issues. I have experienced circumstances hitting me from different directions that have overwhelmed me enough to want to run away from home. I have had my fair share of tears that sent me to the prayer closet.

When Hagar was in her prayer closet, the desert, God sent an angel to minister to her. I thank God for the angels He has sent along my journey. I was raised by a single mother and Growing up I never seen her cry. As I walk this journey too I know she had to experience what I have. Maybe while I was in the living room playing with Barbie dolls and watching the Smurfs she was secretly letting it all out in her prayer closet. I am grateful to have had a woman of strength to show me how to secretly deal with the emotions so that it did not affect my daughter. Along this journey I have had my grandmother, aunts, sister friends, and Titus Two women to encourage me, pray with me and remind me to go back to my circumstances with the strength and promises God has given me.

When life becomes overwhelming the first step is to cry out to God. The Bible instructs us to “cast all of our anxieties, our worries, and our concerns to God because He cares.” (1 Peter 5:7) Yes, even when you think your world has flipped upside down there is one standing by your side that cares about all of it. As I look back over my single mother journey I can see God’s hand of favor and grace. All things have worked out for the good and they will continue to do so, because that is what God promised in Romans 8:28.

Dear Woman of God, I want to encourage and remind you that you are a Woman of Grace. Just like Hagar was blessed out of her storms God too will give you the grace to keep on pressing through it until He blesses you with His promises. God sees your tears and He knows your circumstances. God’s grace is sufficient. Be Blessed and encouraged.

I invite you to click on the link to visit the blog and participate in the discussion questions.

Mosaic Women’s Ministry Blog Website: http://www.churchwithoutwalls.org/blog
* What actions do you take when life becomes overwhelming?
* Do you have a support system that you can turn too?
* What advice can you offer to mothers when they reach a point of meltdown?


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