In loving memory of my Aunt Amy…..

She Saw The Best In Me
Written by Felicia McKnight

Today’s devotion is a little different and personal as my family grieves another loss. I am fortunate where I grew up having my mom raise me with the help of her sisters. I think of all of my aunts as mother figures as they all played a role in raising me, nurturing me, loving me, feeding me, sheltering me and yes, even disciplining me. I’ve had to say good bye to two of them so far, Aunt Sylvia in 2005, and Aunt Glenda last year. Now I find myself suddenly saying farewell to another mother figure, Aunt Amy.

Aunt Amy suddenly left us this weekend. While this is a painful loss I am grateful to have memories to reflect on and the major impact she had in my life. There are so many memories and stories to tell that my family and I could probably write a very entertaining book, but today I’ll keep it short and sweet. As a child I spent many summers at Aunt Amy’s house while my mom and the other aunt I stayed with were working. It was like an in home day care because she had my other two cousins. She knew how to keep us entertained each visit with various activities, bargain shopping excursions, and trips to the wave pool and the beach. She was a fun aunt.

As I reflect on the life of my Aunt Amy one of my most memorable things about her is she was one of my biggest supporters, cheerleaders, nurturers, and as I stated before a true mother figure. When I reflect on some of our personal conversations I am reminded that she saw the best in me. I reflect back to my college years after I graduated from undergrad and went on to pursue my graduate degree. That season was a difficult time in my life. It was a time of transition and having to mature quickly into the real world. At the time my daughter was a toddler and I desired to return to school to obtain my master degree. Between Aunt Amy and my mother I was able to successfully accomplish my goal. They both served as my babysitters. Aunt Amy was aware of some of the issues I was dealing with and in her unique and loving way she poured her wisdom into me. Aunt Amy kept me encouraged along my journey. No matter what I did she saw the best in me. I may have made some mistakes and poor choices as a twenty something year old, but she was there to encourage me and guide me along the way. She reminded me of who I was, my character, and my destiny. Aunt Amy kept me encouraged to press on through the adversity and to go after my dreams and goals. I reflect on our conversations and I remember her telling me multiple times how proud she was of me. That truly meant a lot!

It is a blessing to have someone close to you who can see your flaws and recognize that you are not perfect, yet they love you enough to walk the journey with you, encourage you, and help you keep your eyes focused on your destiny. They don’t do anything to tear you down, but they keep you standing and focused. As I reflect on the memory of my Aunt I am grateful that God blessed me with someone like her. For her attempts at teaching me to cook, to sew, to crochet, to get fresh eggs from the chickens….for every attempt at teaching me how to dig for items under $5 on the Foley’s (now Macy’s) sales rack, for the trips to the beach, and the walks to Dairy Queen, and for all of the times I chauffeured her to the Houston International Festival and for all the times she baby sat during the weekend and adopted my daughter like she was her grand-daughter I am grateful. Her love, fun times, and numerous memories will be dearly missed. Although her presence is no longer here her unconditional love will always have a lasting place in my heart.

I encourage you that if you have someone like this in your life to drop them a note or a phone call and give them their accolades while they are still here.

Heavenly Father, I lift up my family to you on today as well as anyone reading this who has suffered the loss of a loved one over this past year. Let us be reminded today that you are close to the broken hearted as we grieve and walk through the healing process. May your love, strength, peace, and comfort surround us all during these difficult times. In Jesus name. Amen