God Our Protector (Back To School Edition)

God Our Protector
Written by Felicia McKnight

(Note: If you have a child in any type of school system, then you will want to read today’s devotion.)

Psalm 121:5-8
The LORD protects you;
the LORD is a shelter right by your side.
The sun will not strike you by day
or the moon by night.
The LORD will protect you from all harm;
He will protect your life.
The LORD will protect your coming and going
both now and forever.

I am slowly becoming convinced that strange things happen to me so that I can have something to write about each week. One Saturday evening I went into Office Depot to print out some documents since my printer at home is broken. I was grateful as I found a parking spot just in front of the store. I went in for about 10 minutes and walked out with my documents in hand. When I walked out of the store to my surprise there were several cop cars with their flashing lights on, people standing outside looking panicked and frazzled, and a police officer preparing to enter into Old Navy. Old Navy is in the same shopping strip right next door to Office Depot.

There were two women standing directly in front of my car and to my disappointment an unattended police vehicle with its sirens on was blocking my car. I had several thoughts going on in my mind and was not happy that my car was blocked in and there was nothing I could do about it. I did what most of us would do and asked the women in front of my car what was going on. They informed me that a robbery was in progress inside of Old Navy. Several police officers rushed into the store with their guns drawn and everyone was asked to evacuate the store. The police officer that I seen outside had just put his gun away according to the witnesses. I now go from calm to panic and said out loud “Great, my car is blocked in and I am stuck here!” I watch enough news to know that bullets are random. I was not trying to have any photo opportunities for social media or to share with my friends and family. I just wanted to get out of this crime scene and home safe.

The lady that I was talking to started walking and she yelled back at me that I was not blocked in and that with her guidance she would help back me out of the parking spot. I went to see what she was talking about. The police car was very close, but I decided I would trust this woman’s guidance and pray I would not owe the city a bill later. I got in my car and with a few tight turns of the steering wheel and her direction I was out of the parking spot without hitting the police car or the woman and home safe. Whew!

This encounter reminded me that God is my protector. I can’t help but to wonder how many times I have been in a position of danger without my knowledge yet somehow God protected me from harm’s way. I thought about where I parked at. If I would have parked one spot over I would have been blocked in. God knew the errands I had to run, what was about to take place and had the right parking spot available just for me. When that police officer pulled up to the scene little did he know the angels that have charge over me pushed his car just a few inches up, so that I would be able to get out of dangers way safely. God is my protector!

God is not just my protector, but He protects all of us! I have had so many times where I was running late to work. When I finally get on the freeway an accident may have just occurred. Had I have been on time that day either that could have been me or I could have witnessed it, but God protects. I’m sure that has happened to many of us. Or there are times you may have come close to being hit by a vehicle on the road way, but somehow you were just missed from being in a collision. As we go through each day we have to place our trust in God and allow him to guide our steps. He has eyes all around and can keep us and protect us not just in our vehicles, but everywhere we go.

I love Psalm 121! Today, I read it in peace as I prepare to send my daughter off to her first day of high school (sniffle…tear) and as many of you send your children off to school and college. It is heart breaking every year when we see the breaking news that some tragic event takes place in the school systems killing innocent children. We as parents send our children to school expecting them to come home. We can’t keep our eyes on them at all times, but we serve a God that can. I am convinced that we must send our children to school daily covered in prayer. As you send your children off to school send them with the covering of Psalm 121 and Psalm 91. I repeat keep your children in daily prayer and send them off in peace knowing God has a legion of angels around them protecting them.

Psalm 91:11 NIV/NLT
For God will command his angels concerning (insert your name and child’s name) to guard you in all your ways (NIV) and he will order his angels to protect (insert your name and child’s name) wherever you go (NLT).

In this back to school edition of Feevotionals today’s prayer is a special prayer for all of our children headed back to school whether it be day care, elementary, junior high, high school or college.

Heavenly Father we come to you today acknowledging you as God our protector. Lord, I lift up all of our children who are headed off to school today. We pray Psalm 121 over them that you would protect them everywhere they go. Place your legion of angels around them and order their steps to keep them out of harm’s way. Protect them from violence and accidents. Protect our student athletes from health aliments and sports injuries. Protect every limb and let not one of them be broken. Protect our children as they travel on school buses, vans, and charter buses. Get them to their destinations and back home safely. Protect our children from life-threating dares and challenges and give them the wisdom to be strong enough to say no to anything that may harm their life. Give our children the wisdom to keep their eyes focused on You and their academics and not the foolish things of this world. I pray for a hedge of protection around every day care, school, and university that you would protect them from random acts of violence. I pray for all those with mental health issues and anger issues that they will seek the appropriate help rather than resolving the issues with violence and taking innocent lives. I pray for every educator that you will strengthen them this school year. Give them the wisdom to deal with the students appropriately in all of their daily encounters. I pray for every parent that you may keep our minds at peace while our children are out of our sight. Lord, we give you all the glory, honor, and praise. Amen

For every reader of today’s Feevotional my prayer for you is:
May God command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways and protect you everywhere you go. May he be the shelter by your side and protect you from all of harm’s way. May God protect your life and protect your coming and your going both now and forever more. Amen

Be Blessed and Encouraged on this back to school Monday!


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