Book Review: Stepping Up: A Journey Through The Psalms Of Ascent by Beth Moore

Stepping Up_Beth Moore
Book Review: Stepping Up: A Journey Through The Psalms Of Ascent by Beth Moore
Written by Felicia McKnight

I have been hearing for years about the wonderful Beth Moore studies and this summer I finally had the opportunity to participate in one of her 6 weeks studies, “Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent.” For me personally this has been one of my favorite small group studies since I took a class called Master Life about two years ago.

“Stepping Up” is a six week journey through Psalms 120-134. Each psalm was sung by the pilgrims on their way to various festivals. The book is divided by six chapters:
– Where Will My Help Come From?
– Our Eyes Look to the Lord
– Great Things for us
– A Fruitful Vine
– My Hope is in the Lord
– Blessings from Zion
The study is designed to go through one chapter each week with five lessons to study (one for each day of the week).

I truly enjoyed this study because it allowed me the opportunity to go through each psalm. Beth Moore breaks each Psalm down into a real life relatable topic. I’ve read through many of these Psalms before but I didn’t quite have a revelation of their meaning until I went through this study. This study was transformational for me. It reminded me that even in Biblical days the pilgrims experienced the same high and low emotions that we experience today. One minute they were in a low place and the next they were rejoicing. This study allowed me in some areas to deal with the soul, others my relationship with God, and in others my relationship with my family and my role as a parent.

Studying the pilgrim’s journey also reminds me off our personal life journey that God has called for each one of us. Just like the pilgrims God is leading each one of us somewhere. He is leading us to a destiny that He has purposed and planned for us. The journey can be rough at times. There are times we won’t know where God is leading us. There are times we know God is going to come through and we just don’t know how. There are times we will face opposition. Throughout the entire journey we have to continue to keep our eyes focused on God and obedient to the steps He orders us to take. As we step up in God He calls us to be fruitful throughout the process. He wants us to share Him in our home and in our community. God promised us in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” We have to keep our hope in God knowing that He has an expected end that is far greater than we can imagine.

Each step that we take with God is a step of faith that allows us to go higher in Him. The more we can trust God and the path that He has us on the higher we can go in Him. Our obedience to Him leads to His best for us. As we continue to grow in Christ we set ourselves and our families up for blessings that will last for generations far beyond what we will be allowed to see.

This study also enhanced my relationship with God. In the introduction of the book Beth Moore recommends a posture of prayer that I personally hadn’t tried before. When I did as she suggested for the first time I was blown away by what I experienced and continued to experience as I worshiped God in this posture of prayer. This study showed me more of His character and His power. It reminded me that it’s OK to talk to God about the good, the bad, and the ugly. He wants us to talk to him about everything and every matter that concerns our heart. The study also reminded me not to be afraid of what the future holds and to trust God every step of the way. This drew me even closer to my Heavenly Father. The closer I got to Him the higher I seemed to climb spiritually.

This study is designed for women, but God’s word is for everyone and there are certainly many lessons to be grasped for all of God’s children in this book. I completed the study in a small group setting. It was a challenge at the time because I was not able to take all the time I wanted to during each daily lesson of the study as I had to have all of the lessons read by class the following week. After I completed my small group class I committed going through the book a second time. I wanted to slowly go through it until my spirit grasped what it wanted to grasp. For me my six week study has turned into a twelve week study and I was even more blessed the second time around. This is an awesome study that can be done in a small group setting or as an individual. The blessing of the group setting is that you are able to receive others perspective of the lessons that may be different from your perspective yet it enhances what you got out of it on your own.

This is one of those studies I highly recommend grabbing some friends, church members, your devotional group, or whoever is willing and partner with one another to Step Up in Christ.

If you have already taken this study then I encourage you to leave a comment on this page so that others can see your testimony and what you were able to get out of reading this book. Remember God called us to be fruitful and multiply. As we share our journey with others they are encouraged to grow as well. Be blessed and encouraged on today!

Heavenly Father, thank you for this awesome study by Beth Moore that uniquely took me on the journey through the Psalms of Ascent. Father, I lift up every reader today that they may all be led to cultivate their relationship with you in a group study or a personal study. Lead each individual to a bible study class or book that will meet their individual needs and cause them to step up higher in you. In Jesus Name. Amen


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